Social Responsibilities

Universal Energy.

The main gate

Depending on which side your plot is facing, simply superimpose a swastika symbol on your plot. Wherever there's an opening in the swastika, the main gate should be made in the same area. It is best to place it near the central axis of the swastika.

The entrance door

One should see that the entrance door is not directly in front of the main gate .

The master bedroom

Ideal place for master bed room is the south-west quadrant. Also along the south or the west side. North-west is recommended for newly-married couple, easy and early conception. Newly-married couple can avoid bedroom north-east corner.

The child's bedroom

Preferred along the north or the east. Girls, north-west South-east for boys Bed position , east-west axis. Study table , child faces the east and the tutor, the north. The color is light blue Avoid south-west corner children's bed room.

The guest room

North west the best ,but the south- east acceptable too Ideal color light green

The elder s' room

South-west quadrant is recommended. For those who don't keep good health, lighting an oil lamp with mustard oil) in the south-east corner helps a great deal.

The place of worship

north-east The deity you worship can face the west, while meditating . Ideal time to worship and mediate 4 to 6 in the morning . The ideal color of the Poona room is white. Worship the rising sun also.

The store room

The southern or western side of the bed room , kitchen or the house Junk must be removed. Which hasn't been used for three years or more is 'junk'

The kitchen

South east, the east or the south. Should ideally face the east while cooking, Wash basin ( sink ) north- east electrical gadgets along the south, lining up towards the east, stacked towards the west. fridge should be in the north-west. Cook's character is always in the flavor. Prepare a meal with love, affection, care and hygiene.

The drawing/ dinning room

Good to eat facing the east. Squares, rectangular dining table Avoid circular tables. Avoid watching TV while eating,

The water source

North-east quadrant

The toilets

Avoid north-east and the south-west Toilet seat north-south axis

The domestic helps room

Ideal directing is along the north to the north-west If the garage is in the north-west, the vehicle Should be parked facing the east. if it is in the south east, park the vehicle facing the north

The study

East or the north Vast helps in regulation this flow of energy

Extra note

South/west main door-swastika on the main door-vibrancy of the symbol attract good luck any defect according to vaastu can either be diffused , deflected or diverted.
Vaastu tenets same for- plots/houses.
But vaastu tenets differ for interior from person to person
Vaastu ---- balance + harmony
Soft floorings are good /- prana flows in that