Social Responsibilities

Universal Energy.

Observations in vaastu and their applications in our everyday life :

Our universe and our bodies are composed of five basic elements - fire, air, space, earth & water. The fundamental idea of vastu is to balance these elements in order to achieve harmony between mind and matter.

Kept in mind direction, spearing roads, slope, elevation , shape , soil, extensions and general surrounding .

A plot, which has roads on all four sides is ideal . Being bound by a road on the three sides is very good . While a road running along two side is good. If there is single road in front of the plot it should ideally be the east or north.

It is not advisable to buy land located at the head of a road that leads to a dead end or one that is at at-junction. Spring roads, are not considered good

It is very auspicious to have a plot sloping towards the east or north as it brings in prosperity and good health. If the plot slope towards the north west, west, south-west, remedial action should be taken before beginning construction. For instance, a depression can be filled up.

An elevation to the east, north or north-east tends to incur unnecessary expense , cause ill health and bring in tension.

A square, rectangle, hexagon or octagon plot should have an even number of sides. A triangular representation of fire. A circular plot is ideal for religious buildings. Gomukh plot that is narrow in front wide at the back auspicious for residential purpose while the opposite shape, broad in front & narrow at the rare, good for commercial purposes.

Odor in soil which is yellow or red in color.

Three feet wide three feet deep and three feet long pit at the center of the plot.

Two feet wide , two feet long and two feet deep pit. Fill it with water , hundred steps away and walk back. If water level stays the same, the soil is right.

Fill the pit with water and place a red flower in center. If flower rotates clockwise will invite unwanted delays,

Extension towards the north east is even better.

Extension towards the south or the west should be bifurcated with a fence or a wall. Extension to the south-east is acceptable for plot owned by women or women's organization.

A south west extension tends to bring the misfortune. Electrical transmission lines preferably should not cross over the plot, if there are high rise building to the west, south or south west, they are considered good for the plot. If the low laying area towards the north, east or north east, then again is very good. If there is a water source towards the north, east or north-east it is considered very auspicious.

Influence of entrance direction on occupants
  • Occupants of flats with entrance from east were found positive, hopefully engaged in : publishing, information technology, management, optics, medical institution, gynecology, pediatrics, maternity homes, nurseries, pharmaceuticals, family planning, life support systems.
  • Occupants of flats with entrance from south-east were energetically engaged in: health, hygiene, sanitation, supports, catering, kitchen-related fields, fuel, labor, educational, cosmetics, textiles.
  • Main entrance from south-facing flats accommodated parents actively engaged in: industry, distribution, provision, security, nourishment, agriculture, family welfare, civil engineering, structural engineering, construction.
  • Occupants of flats with main entrance from south-west were lucratively engaged in: long term planning, water management, decay management, carbon product, precious stone, rubber industry, mild steel, earth ware, heavy industry.
  • Flats with main entrance from west accommodated contented people engaged in : orthopedics, hospitals of chronic ailments, community welfare, occult studies, missionaries, preaching, holiday resorts, old-age homes, legacies, philosophy, research.
  • Occupants of flats with entrance from northwest were successfully engaged in: advertising, communication, marketing, public relations, entertainment, hospitality, information technology, glamour, aviation, tourism, automobiles, refrigeration, air-conditioning, sound engineering, transport, higher studies.
  • Occupants of flats with entrance from north were probability engaged in: sex fields, marriage, art forms, finance, share market, glass, plastics.
  • People occupying flats with northeast main entrance were found doing well in: water resources, finance, luxuraries, chemicals, petroleum, neurology, pathology, mind and body culture, learning, regeneration.
Tips on main door

Draws in positive energy through the main door of your home

  • when a house is built in strict adherence to proportionate measurements then that house becomes worthy of worshipping the gods and becomes the abode of gods. That house will be a happy home. The main door of the house is the most significant, and draws positive energies into the house.
  • The height of the doors should be normally twice or more than the width.
  • The door should be sturdily built, using good wood.
  • Various metals can be used to strengthen the main door.
  • Minor details like proper door bolts and latches and screw to be given importance.
  • Avoid door in the middle of a house.
  • The main door or mahadwara should be the biggest among all the doors in the house and it should be well decorated.
  • A main door with two shutters are normally recommended.
  • The height of the mahadwara is also maintained in terms of comparing it with the main pillars of the house.
  • A door step made of red sandal wood is recommended.
  • If it is a single door it should open towards the right side
The ideal place to build the house
  • south -west quadrant
  • More space in the east and north
  • East and the north are at the lower level.
  • The plot's center and the house center should not overlap
The boundary wall

Boundary wall along the south and the south west should be 12 inches higher than the north and the east

The main gate

Depending on which side your plot is facing, simply superimpose a swastika symbol on your plot. Wherever there's an opening in the swastika, the main gate should be made in the same area. It is best to place it near the central axis of the swastika.

The entrance door

One should see that the entrance door is not directly in front of the main gate

The master bedroom
Ideal place for master bed room is the south-west quadrant.
  • Also along the south or the west side.
  • North-west is recommended for newly-married couple, easy and early conception.
  • Newly-married couple can avoid bedroom north-east corner.
The child's bedroom
  • preferred along the north or the east.
  • Girls, north-west
  • South-east for boys
  • Bed position , east-west axis.
  • Study table , child faces the east and the tutor, the north.
  • The color is light blue
  • Avoid south-west corner children's bed room
The guest room
  • North west the best ,but the south- east acceptable too
  • Ideal color light green
The elder s' room
  • South-west quadrant is recommended.
  • For those who don't keep good health, lighting an oil lamp with mustard oil) in the south-east corner helps a great deal.
The place of worship
  • north-east
  • The deity you worship can face the west, while meditating .
  • Ideal time to worship and mediate 4 to 6 in the morning .
  • The ideal color of the pooja room is white.
  • Worship the rising sun also.
The store room
  • the southern or westren side of the bed room , kitchen or the house.
  • Junk must be removed.
  • Which hasn't been used for three years or more is 'junk'
The kitchen
  • south east, the east or the south.
  • Should ideally face the east while cooking,
  • Wash basin ( sink ) north- east .
  • Electrical gadgets along the south, lining up towards the east, stacked towards the west.
  • Fridge should be in the north-west.
  • Cook's character is always in the flavor.
  • Prepare a meal with love, affection, care and hygiene.
The drawing/ dinning room
  • good to eat facing the east.
  • Squares, rectangular dining table
  • Avoid circular tables.
  • Avoid watching TV while eating,
The water source
  • north-east quadrant
The toilets
  • Avoid north-east and the south-west.
  • Toilet seat north-south axis
The domestic helps room
  • Ideal directing is along the north to the north-west
  • If the garage is in the north-west, the vehicles
  • Should be parked facing the east. if it is in the south east, park the vehicles facing the north
The study
  • east or the north
  • Vaastu helps in regulation this flow of energy