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Universal Energy.

Vedic scholars realized that the earth is tilted in its rotation around the sun and that all phenomena are animated and contain energy, which emits vibration. The inherent order and harmony that they witnessed in their observation led them to conclude that a supreme creative force, which was omnipresent, omnificent, and omnipotent, was behind the creation of the universe and all existence. This spiritual philosophy is at the heart of vaastu. They recognized that all phenomena, from the tallest mountain to the smallest organism, achieve balance and harmony by following the natural rhythms that govern the universe. They saw rhythm in the rotation of the moon around the earth and in the rotation of the earth around the sun. These ancient scholars understood that every object observes its own cycle of creation, preservation and destruction. Everything in the natural world serves a purpose and a function. Each created form also follows this rule. If we disturb the order that is at the heart of this law, we create disharmony and imbalance.

Every man made creation needs to observe this governing principle to ensure harmony with its own surrounding and with the individuals who occupy the created space. If a man-made creation disturbs or disrupts the natural order, harmony gives way to disharmony, which creates discord, friction and imbalance. As a result the well-being of every one inside this environment suffers.

The power of vibrations : Energy exists inside every created form in the universe. This energy pulsates and vibrates at a specific frequency. When the vibration of each object maintain their original intensity, they crate a positive interaction and there is harmony among the objects. Law of nature extends to the interaction of a building's energy with both its surrounding environment and its occupants. A new building can block the flow of positive energies that originally moved through the surrounding environment. The design of interior of a building can disturb the flow of positive energies that are connected to every occupant and compromise their well-being. These sophisticated observations led to the creation of the science of vast and its guidelines that determine the healthy organization of a space with the environment. Vaastu helps us observe the law of nature so we ensure order inside our home and workspace creating health and happiness for humans.

The three principels of vaastu : To put the vedic philosophy of the karmic law of nature into practice, vaastu asks us to honor the five basic elements and respect nature and all forms of existence.

Honoring the five basic elements : Vedic scholars determined that everything in the universe is composed of the five basic elements of space, air, fire, water and earth. In the human body, the configuration of the five elements decides our physical type, mental type, and emotional type. It governs how we look, think, behave, and respond to the world. From the moment of conception, your body requires the element of space so that your physical structure can grow. The element of air pumps your blood through your system and keeps you alive. Digestive fire burns up the calories that provide you with energy. Two thirds of your body is made of water. The element of earth exists in your bones and in the minerals, such as the potassium and zinc that keep you healthy. By not disturbing the original configuration of these five basic elements in your body- the configuration that was established at the creation will maintain the internal harmony and well-being. This principle holds true for every object, including every architectural form for the home and the workspace.

We must try the proper placement of five basic elements to create healthy vibrations within the home and workspace. These vibrations will interact positively with the vibration in the surrounding environment and allow them to flow freely through the created space. The proper alignment of the elements will also lead to a positive interaction with body's vibrations. The building's vibrations help in maintaining an inner harmony that will enrich one self and lead to personal fulfillment.

According to vaastu shastra, there are six ways of discovering the divine within oneself :
  • In body through dance
  • In words through poetry
  • In sound through music
  • In form through sculpture
  • In space through architecture
  • In thought through mathematics.